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jc sports performance three-day clinic

june 27-29

This three-day JC Sports Performance Clinic will cover four areas: Education, Preparation, Speed, and Strength. You will experience hands-on performance assessments and exercise technique. After three-day course, you will be able to train your athletes with confidence. Explore our clinic and outline which covers the topics provided below.

topics include:


  • Training Philosophy

  • Weightlifting Philosophy

  • Motivate your Athletes

  • Programming

  • Physical Education and Athletic Department 


  • Pre-Movement

  • Sports Specific Movement

  • Post- Movement

  • Recovery


  • Acceleration

  • Arm Action

  • Absolute

  • Multi-Directional

  • Plyometrics


  • Back and Front Squat

  • Clean 

  • Upper Body Push and Pull

  • Lower Body Push and Pull

What you will receive:

  • JC Sports Performance Apparel

  • Certificate of Participation

Registration Deadline- May 1, 2019